Hello Crime Stoppers Fans!
This year has been a very exciting year for me having joined your San Juan County Crime Stoppers team and the new Executive Director. 
As many of you know we have been out several events, been on the radio, and social media.
Additionally, our efforts have helped every law enforcement agency
in the county to put criminals behind bars
Your SJC Crime Stoppers program has helped to located missing persons and we ave paid out some
of the highest rewards this year the program history.
We have done this all thanks to YOU!
That's right - the program works because of you. 
When you see criminal activity it is your calls to our program which help us to help local law enforcement
to get the bad guys (and galls) off the streets.  Your SJC Crime Stoppers Program works because of you.
And it is that spirit that I come before you now at the end of the year to ask for your aid once more.
Your SJC Crime Stoppers Program Needs Your Financial Support In Our Efforts To Help Stomp Out Crime.
As many of you who have stopped by the booths at the various events have noted there is a
real need in this community for not only our TIP-line but also a need for
Crime Prevention Education
Community Involvement
Help to Local Law-Enforcement Agencies
and more
Signs to be put up in Communities
And to be straight forward with you these projects cost money.
That is why I come before you on the #GivingTuesday to ask for your donation to Your Crime Stoppers Program.
(and yes, as a 503c non-profit organization all donations are tax-deductible) 
Do you want to show the world your support for your SJC Crime Stoppers Program?
Click the link above and make a monthly donation and you will receive this wonderful tumbler!