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San Juan County Crime Stoppers started a Campus Crime Stoppers program in 2005.  It wasn't until 2007 that the Executive Director was able to start going to the schools and speaking with students about the program.  Bloomfield High School and Mesa Alta Junior High in Bloomfield, have seen the Campus Crime Stoppers presentation and had the opportunity to ask questions about the program.

There are also several schools in Farmington and Aztec that have Campus Crime Stoppers posters in each classroom and throughout the school.

In 2010, Farmington High School implemented a Campus Crime Stoppers program.  With the help of the School Resource Officer, school administrators and the student population, we hope to solve and prevent crime on campus.

Campus Crime Stoppers works in the same fashion as the Crime Stoppers program.  In fact, the campus program is an umbrella program, meaning it is covered under the same laws as the Crime Stoppers program.  In essence, all persons that call the tip line are guaranteed anonymity, even students.

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Just because it is summer break does not mean that the Campus Crime Stoppers program can not be utilized.  Students that may be in the area of a school may witness a crime being committed.  School vandalism is at its worst during school breaks.  Be on the lookout for anything that does not seem right.  Remember, you could earn up to a $1000 reward if the information you provide leads to an arrest.